Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vegan what is a Vegan....

Vegan, what is a Vegan....

Oh my, Vegan not me! what is a Vegan?

My daughter came home from university and declared herself a Vegan! "what on earth is a Vegan?" - the answer was simple - "no animal products - nothing" - so no meat no milk no cheese no eggs no fish no nothing!

Well that was thirteen months ago, how times change. In April I was pulled down by Transverse Myelitis! An inflammation attack on the spinal chord, which resulted in me becoming paralyised - a T4 - I lost everything below my fourth vertebra below the neck! and after six weeks in hospital my doctor translated the prognosis as "we will know how well you will do by how well you do" get that! basically "nothing' "we know nothing and we will tell you nothing"

Roll the clock forward nine months, oh how the scene has changed. I have now recovered somewhat, but what can I do to help me increase my chances to improve? to make a full recovery - w4e all know the answer - diet, exercise and a state of mind! I have a strong state of mind, I can go to therapy or the Y two, three, four times a week but what about diet?

Do we ever change our diet? I like my steak, a roast chicken, a meat lovers pizza.... love it all and most of all that full breakfast on a Sunday with eggs and bacon.

But to change your diet something has to change! out with the red meat!, isn't milk full of chemicals? so out with milk and cheese - ouch sounds like a Vegan.

Since Christmas we are very much "realistic vegans" - in with the soy milk, vegan margarine, whole wheat bread, bean chilies, green salads, NO Cheese. We have maintained some fish in our diet and will occasionally eat meat.

It is way too early to say anything positive has occurred in our health, but it feels good, we are sleeping well. But if I can change my diet any one can, and it seems to make sense - everything we knows says - less sugar, less 'fat', less chemicals, less processed stuff, less volume, more natural, more fruit and vegetables - the better... we all have to do it for ourselves. Just make the call ourselves. It is HARD! never in the history of man has so much food been available, and it is just there to be had! We have to change our thinking and our own self-control. The Vegan model really helps to apply some very good boundaries. I for one will try.

Long live the 21 bean chili!


Kevin said...


I just came across your blog today.
My name is Kevin and I also have Transverse Myelitis.
I would imagine by now you have probably found some of the other TM support sites out there.
I've only had TM since May 14th 2008. It was sudden onset...paralyzed from the waist down within 3 hours.
Through determination and some good old Physical Therapy I now am able to walk with a cane although I do still have all the other residuals..(bowel, bladder, pain, fatigue..etc..)
Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note and say Hi.
I also just wanted to extend an invitation to check out my blog too. I started one very soon after TM helps me mentally..

and also check out a TM support site that I am an administrator on..A guy I met online with TM, and myself started it about 5 months ago..

The best to you...and I look forward to popping in and checking out your blog occasionally.

zebriod said...

amazing, Tm really sucks, I was hit at the T4 level so lost all mu stomach muscles. It is the pain now that kills me.

It is the health care issues, work, family, that we don't cover which are killers...

All the best to you too,,,,

love to chat too